Ready To Buy?

Following is a list of questions Isabelle will be asking of you in your initial meeting or pre-consultation telephone conversation.  Please take a moment to review and consider your answers for both of your benefit.

R E A D Y – T O – B U Y   S U R V E Y

  1. Do you understand that there is no cost to you to work with a Realtor and that we are paid by the seller of whatever home you choose to purchase?
  2. How soon would you like to move?
  3. Where is your ideal place to live?
  4. In what price-range are you looking?
  5. Will you be paying with cash or are you planning to get a mortgage? Once you are pre-approved by a lender you will know your purchasing power, i.e., the amount of loan for which you qualify, and your price range.
  6. Where are you in the financing process?  Have you met with a lender or do you need a lender recommendation?
  7. If we find the right property next week, are you prepared to make an offer now (i.e., do you have an approval letter from lender or proof of funds letter from bank, in-hand)?
  8. Are you presently working with another agent? Have you signed a contract with another agent?
  9. Do you presently rent or own? If renting, what is your monthly rent amount?
  10. Do you need to sell your home or complete a lease before buying?
  11. If you do need to sell, would you prefer to buy first or sell first?
  12. After you become qualified for financing, when will you be ready to start previewing property?
  13. Will anyone else be helping you to make the buying decision?
  14. How many bedrooms do you need? Bathrooms?
  15. How many people are in your family? Do you have any school-aged children? Are they home-schooled or are you concerned with school districts?
  16. What are your parking requirements?
  17. What are the Top 5 feature requirements of your new home?
  18. What feature, or lack thereof, would immediately rule out a home for you?
  19. Ideal square footage?
  20. What were your most/least favorite features in the home(s) you grew up in?
  21. How long have you been looking?
  22. Where are you (and your spouse/partner) employed?
  23. How far from work do you want to be located?
  24. What times are best for you to view properties?
  25. Do you prefer to communicate by email, text, fax or phone?
  26. What is the best telephone number for you and time to call?
  27. Have you purchased a home before?  If so, when and where?
  28. How would your plans be affected if you had to move earlier or later than you intended?
  29. How would your situation be affected if you did not find a home?
  30. What issues need resolution before the purchase?
  31. What furniture, leisure activities or hobbies would you like to accommodate in your new home?
  32. How many homes do you think you should see before you buy?
  33. Do you prefer to be an exclusive client of ours, a customer, or a combination of both?  An exclusive client has a signed buyer’s representation contract with us. When we commit to working with you, we ask that you commit to working exclusively with us.  We take our role extremely seriously in counseling you through the purchase and sale of your biggest asset.  Once on-board, we will provide you with our full attention and superior client service to represent you to the standard of care that you deserve.  You will be positioned top-of-mind while Isabelle is previewing property, so that she is always considering your needs and desires.